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What To Wear To A Company Party


The goal is to create an outfit that’s appropriate  but still remains true to your personal party style. Although it’s a company party, you don’t have to be too conservative or boring. You just need moderation and don’t go overboard just because it’s a party, you still have business peers around you that you leave an impression on.

There are two solutions that will let you maintain your personal style without making a spectacle of yourself: Outerwear and Accessories.

First, exchange your usual business casual attire of a pencil skirt and blouse for a solid company partycolored dress. If you decide you want to wear a vibrant colored dress, then make sure the hemline is just above the knee. If it’s any longer it’s too much color and any shorter it’s not business appropriate. If you like neutrals then your have more freedom with the hem lines. Essentially, you want to pick out a dress that can be easily transformed for a downtown party, replace the business jacket with a little leather jacket and swap the classic pumps for ankle boots OR you can turn into a more glamorous uptown look and add metallic heels, major jewels, and a little skin in the form of bare shoulders.

One of the most perfect flexible dresses with the most versatile style is the sleeveless dress. The sleeveless is perfect, all you need is to accessorize. However, for strapless dresses which are great too, for a company party or cocktail party you will want a little more coverage for the strapless dress, so add one of your favorite jackets, blazers or even better a tuxedo style jacket over your dress. Give the business jacket a little twist and roll up the sleeves just once and push them up below the elbow. You can also add a jacket to any sleeveless dress.


For the shoes, you’ve got many options. It’s always nice to go for something more fashionable instead of your 9 to 5 classic pumps. If your wearing a solid black dress, try a pop of color or an animal print shoe, or a great strappy heel. Just use your judgement wisely, you don’t want to wear shoes that put off the wrong image like “working girl” shoes.


If you want to add some touches to your dress, try a skinny belt, maybe patent company partyleather or metallic. You can add a bit more jewelry than you would wear to work like bigger earrings and a couple of bracelets, but pick only 2 places for the jewelry such as earrings and a bracelet, or earrings and a necklace, maybe a nice cocktail ring.  A good rule of thumb is you shouldn’t do all three area unless the pieces are very subtle.

Most company parties or corporate cocktail parties happen at night, so it’s totally fine to kick up your makeup with some extra eye makeup or even a darker lip. Swap out your day handbag for a nice clutch for the final touches which is perfect for a party, clutches are perfect evening bags. Now your set for your company party.


  • Go for solid colored sleeveless or strapless party dresses, tuxedo jackets, and fashionable shoes like ankle boots and great strappy shoes.
  • Stay clear of plunging necklines, long gowns, glittery pieces and daytime fabrics
  • It’s risky business to wear high platforms or high platform boots

Next time when your wondering what to wear to a company party, just pull out   your perfect dress and change it up by adding a jacket and great accessories like a belt or shoes.

Business Casual For Women All Ages


Business casual for women at every age is dressing your best at all stages of your life for work, business or just looking polished and neat. Business casual doesn’t mean everyone has to dress the same or look the same, business casual is a dress code that is polished and refined and appropriate for work and business. But there are still different styles and options out there for you. From colorful easy going pieces in your 20′s to sculpted pieces in your 40′s or luxurious fabrics in your 60′s, find out what’s best for you and you’ll always look and feel polished in your clothes and business casual attire.

What to consider when dressing business casual for your age:

20′s- When your in your twenties it’s alot about your own personal style and adding a business casual for womensome fun that you can get away with only when you are young, whether its playing around with colors or mix matching patterns and textures or wearing shorter hemlines.

  • Fun dresses. Feminine, easy and colorful are qualities to look for. Don’t show too much skin, the silhouette should be more restrained.
  • Try a top with whimsical details. It could have some ruffles or a youthful cut. You can let your top set the tone of your look. It doesn’t have to be structured and super simple
  • Cute and feminine skirts. Try pleats and other fun details. But your top should be toned down if your skirt has these special details.
  • Jackets and coats. Wear a blazer over a ruffled blouse, a chic short jacket over a floral top, Try a nice jacket with pencil pants and ballet flats.

30′s- are about having more pulled-together looks, but you don’t have to be too serious. The goal is to try different styles that work for you while still maintaining a polished business casual look. Try classic pieces with a modern edge.

  • Try a dress in a new silhouette. Pick a shape that is interesting and with different  textures. Try new shades and pops of color. The goal is to look cool and confident.
  • Try different shirts. A crisp button up shirt, a silk blouse, or a quality T-shirt, but it should have a fresh twist. Neat flat ruffles, a scarf tie, or a little ruching can turn a basic into something special.
  • Stylish skirts. Skirts are always a feminine signature, but they don’t have to be too fussy or busy. Look for skirts that are either structured or soft and subtle. A high waisted pencil skirt is sleek and sophisticated,  and a flouncy skirt adds a bit of an attitude.
  • Statement Pieces. A jacket or coat is an important part of business casual wardrobe. Pick a piece that makes a statement. Try a structured jacket with a modern edge such as a trim.

40′s- Classic cuts and colors should begin to dominate your business casual attire, but each piece should have personality. Think feminine, bursts of lush color and pattern. It’s important to look smart and refined.

  • Refined dresses . A form fitting shape or cinched-in waist are excellent picks. You want a mature classic look. Even a wrap dress is good casual for women
  • Classic but modern tops. A stark crisp button up shirt is alway attractive, but you can try a little more with details than a standard button up, such as fabrics or detailed buttons. Choose wise and pick solid classy shades.
  • Feminine skirts. A  pleated skirt looks sweet and feminine, while a pencil skirt is sleek. Skirt details or designs will give your look an interesting, high-quality look.
  • Well structured jacket. It can be worn with jeans or a skirt. A well structured jacket that fits well and shows the waist line is sophisticated and always a good choice.

50′s- Refined and tasteful. They are the foundation of age-appropriate dressing. Tailoring, structure, clean lines and fuss-free pieces in a simple color palette are the goal.  When your closet is filled with timeless classic pieces, you can never go wrong. With  trousers, lightly decorated knits, beautiful blouses and luxurious coats as a wardrobe foundations, you can easily mix and match and look elegant everyday.

  • business casual for women Classic primary colors is key. Choose solids in rich colors, but subtle. Shades of deep browns, navy and black are best. Choose cuts that are interesting and have details like accordion pleats or a gathered waist.
  • Lady like tops. Blousy tops, scarf tie tops, ruffles or full sleeves gives a soft look to the structured pant or skirt. When a top has volume go for a solid color and subtle prints.
  • Simple Skirts are best. At the knee or below is a classic, make sure your hemline is always in that area. A perfect top would be a more blousy top.
  • Clean Cut Jackets. A sleek blazer will go with everything and is good for all occasions. Choose great jewelry to compliment the jacket.

60+ - Elegance is the key. Timeless and traditional pieces are essential. Tweed suits, trousers and coat dresses should dominate your wardrobe. Add contrasting colors and always go for pulled together outfits. Pops of primary colors will give your attire a boost.

  • Classic cut dresses. Shirt dresses and coat dresses are perfect. They give a nice silhouette and the structure keeps them tailored.
  • Attractive tops. Pick tops with details. Whether it has dramatic detail like frills or subtle sheen of gold, it will brighten up a suit or simple skirt or trouser. A little more coverage is key, but showing skin in strategic places like the decolletage adds femininity.
  • Soft moving skirts. A soft moving A-line shape is feminine and flattering, it will go well with solid colors for a clean look. Pair it with a more fitted shirt for the perfect balance.
  • Luxe jacket. Let a jacket or coat be your centerpiece. Look for a jacket that is attractive and luxurious that still retains a certain timeless look. Make sure it has exquisite tailoring and it is made of good quality fabrics. Choose solid colors or subtle prints over large prints.

Business Casual Women


Business casual is not as dressy as formal business attire, it’s a notch down butBusiness casual women still professional. Business casual is polished and clean looking, but easy and not intimidating. The goal to business casual women is to look neat and sharp.

When your getting dressed in the morning, the goal is not to pull out just any old garment and put them on without no thought put into it. If you want a business casual attire, which is polished and refined, you have to put some consideration into your wardrobe or attire. Building a strong foundation of classic essentials is the first key step and will give you the most flexibility. Once you have a strong foundation, putting the outfits together is a cinch and most important it will be effortless.

When you invest in classic essentials that are timeless, you will have a very strong wardrobe foundation and those items will never go out of style. Below are a list of classic essentials that should be in every working girls closet.



  • Peacoats
  • Blazers
  • Trenches

These are all classics and you should own at least one. A well made jacket is an important investment for two reasons; one, it ensures you will make a good impression, after all it’s the first thing people see. Second, a with proper care, a single smart buy will last a lifetime. Tip: when wearing a jacket or blazer, don’t over stuff it with layers of clothes or thick sweaters, and make sure the jacket has a tailored fit.


  • Button-ups (solids or print)
  • Blouses
  • T-shirts
  • Cashmere sweaters
  • Slim black turtlenecks
  • Dressy tanks or shells

The crucial element you need when investing in a classic worthy tops is its adaptability. Can you envision yourself wearing that top top to a variety of events and situations, maybe to work, and the weekends.

The white button up is a must have, a men’s white shirt cut for a woman is a classic, its clean and sharp. A white button up looks great with  a pencil skirt and classic pumps. If you are buying a white button up, make sure it’s crisp white, has a stiff collar and the buttons don’t pull when your wearing it. Tip: Make sure the button up has a tailored fit.

Blouses have made a comeback in a big way and there is such a large variety of styles to choose from, They even look great with a pair of dark jeans and a nice belt. Cardigans are a classic and easy to wear, they look great with pants, skirts or over a dress. Try adding a thin belt around the waist for a chic look

Slim black turtle necks are also classic and easy to wear, they go well with pants and skirts, and can even add a thin belt around the waist. The slim turtle neck is very chic. Tip: If you have a short neck, opt for a tailored V-neck sweater to elongate your neck. Try a slim turtleneck with a pencil pant and and ballet flats for a classic iconic look.


  • Pants or trousers
  • Skirts

Black trousers or pants are a no-brainer and a must have. They should be one business casual womenof the first things your buy. They go with every top and you can never go wrong with a black pair of pants. Straight leg, boot cut, pencil cut and trousers all work well. If jeans are allowed, buy dark jeans with no tears, holes or distressing and no designs on the pockets. TIP- buy three tops for every pair of pants.

Pair a pencil skirt or A-Line skirt with a V-neck top or cardigan and you’ve got a pretty outfit thats perfect. Just be careful when you wear and A-line skirt with shoes with ankle straps because it will interrupt the short leg line you already get with a knee length skirt, making your legs look stumpy. Look for skirts that neatly hug around the hips before flaring out in an A-line, as opposed to falling into pleats from the hips. It will give you a tent shape, expanding your bottom.


A clean cut dress can look smart, sophisticated and professional yet very easy to wear. When it comes to dressing professional, polish is what it’s all about. The right dress is easy to wear and can be work a couple ways. The best dresses for work or refined and reserved. Go for simples shifts, shirt dresses, and belted sheaths. Never wear anything too tight or too short. Neutral colors are the best as well as dark colors like navy, black an brown. Solids are the best to choose. Wear a dress with a cardigan, or add a jacket for another look. Another universal flattering dress on all types of women is the wrap dress, just make sure the neck line isn’t too plunging and you can also wear it with a jacket as well.


When first starting to shop for your business casual attire or you just want to add to your existing one, below is an essential list of items you should have. Once you have your foundation, you can just add to it. Remember to buy a few quality pieces that will stand out and last a long time, then you can build around that. If your budget allows, choose quality over quantity.

  • 1 Jacket- A neutral color to begin with like black or gray .
  • 3 Blouses- long sleeve or short sleeve
  • 2 sleeveless tops or a quality T-shirt (knit)
  • 1 sweater or cardigan- No chunky sweaters
  • 2 pairs of Pants- Start with neutral colors, especially black
  • 1 skirt- preferably a pencil skirt because it looks good on every one
  • 1 dress- A simple shift or wrap dress
  • 1 Leather classic pump or flat
  • 1 belt
  • 1 leather structured bag
  • A simple classic watch
  • No flip flops, sandals or sneakers
  • No midriffs or bra straps exposed
  • No mini-skirts, too tight of clothing or shorts
  • No plunging V-Necks or see through tops
  • If you wear it to a night club, it’s probably not good for business casual
  • No faded jeans, holes or distressing
  • No loud, bright or distracting colors or patterns
  • Super high heels or platforms, stick with 4″ or below